This section only applies to students selected for verification of FAFSA data by the Department of Education.  

The effectiveness of the federal student financial aid programs depends on the accuracy of the data reported by student applicants. Therefore, the federal government requires that each educational institution verify at least 30% of all aid applicants. This verification process is used to check the accuracy of the information that a student provides on the needs analysis application (FAFSA application). Students are notified by the Department of Education that they have been selected for verification on their Student Aid Report (SAR). The following items may be required to be verified:

  1. Household size
  2. Number in college
  3. Adjusted Gross Income (AGI)
  4. U.S. taxes paid
  5. Certain types of untaxed income benefits:

    a. Social Security Benefits

    b. Child Support

    c. IRA/Keough deductions

    d. Foreign income exclusion

    e. Earned income credit

    f.  Interest on tax-free bonds
  6. Unusual Enrollment

The following items are/may be required for the verification process:

  1. 1040 and all attachments or statement of non-filing for the student, spouse, or parents
  2. Documentation of social security benefits
  3. Child support documentation
  4. Documentation of household size
  5. Date of birth documentation
  6. Proof of attendance in college

All students selected for verification must complete the verification worksheet. You may obtain the REQUIRED verification worksheet on the Forms page of this website. Also be sure to provide spouse's signature if married.