PA Satisfactory Academic Progress

Policy Statement

To receive federal financial aid at the GW School of Medicine and Health Sciences, students must demonstrate satisfactory progress toward completion of Physician Assistant Program.  Students who receive federal financial aid (aid through the Department of Education and Health Resources & Services Administration) must, in accordance with federal regulations, be in good standing and maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) toward their degree. Under Federal Title IV law, the school’s SAP requirements must meet certain minimum Federal requirements and be at least as strict as the institution’s established standards for good academic standing [34 CFR 668.34]. Federal regulations require three measurements to determine SAP: qualitative, quantitative, and time frame. GW’s SAP Policy also addresses the ability to appeal and receive additional eligibility while an SAP status is remediated.

Assessments will take place after the end of each semester, including summer sessions. Students who do not meet satisfactory academic progress will be notified of their status by email to their GW email address. Please find the full Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy here:

Please note that the policy resides with the University office of Financial Assistance and that office will review your academic record for an SAP determination each semester, but the SMHS Office of Financial Aid will process your appeal if you do not remedy your obstacles to promotion during your warning semester. You can find the SAP appeal form here.