Debt Management

It is imperative that medical residents have a keen sense of debt management when it comes to repaying their student loans. To do this, medical students must begin good debt management practices before completion of medical school. Decisions that you make in medical school will travel with you for the next 10, 15, possibly even 25 years or longer. The is a great resource for medical students who need assistance in managing their repayment, along with other financial obligations, both during and after completing their medical residencies. 

Debt Information for the Class of 2023

AAMC Debt Information for the Class 2023


Finding and learning more about the loans you have already obtained

Finding Your Loans.  During the course of you four years in attendance at the GW MD Program you will be asked to review your loan history as a check in with your financial plan. You can "click" the link to the right to be directed to the National Student Loan Data System, but this will only provide information about Title IV loans and Pell Grants.  For information about any private educational loans you have obtained you need to review your credit report

To support your efforts to find out more information about your loans, financial literacy counselor, Jeffrey Hanson, PhD., has created several documents. The following will assist you in making good choices about managing your student loan debt:

Obtaining Your Student Loan History

Loan Repayment Planning Worksheet—MEDICAL

Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program

Salary Information 


AAMC survey of stipends and benefits

AAMC List of Loan Repayment, Forgiveness & Other Scholarship Programs


Medscape Physician's Compensation Report 2023