Application Information

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Application Procedures

Between January and March of each year, the Office of Financial Aid provides each student with information that details the necessary steps to begin the financial aid process. Students must follow each step to ensure the timely completion of the financial aid process.

Priority Deadlines:

Incoming Students: the Priority Deadline is March 1. Admitted students who have a completed application on March 1, will receive their aid package by our Second Look Program. Students who submit an application after March 1 will still be considered for financial aid, including need-based grants.

May 1 for continuing students.

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GW SMHS MD Program Office of Financial Aid’s institutional forms for financial aid may be found on this page.

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Need-based Aid Award Policy

Contained herein are the policies used to award aid for students in the GW SMHS MD Program. Priority deadlines for need-based aid consideration are as follows: incoming students, March 1; returning students, May 1.

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Packaging Formula

The formula which the GW SMHS MD Program uses to award its limited institutional aid for 2019-2020 is described. "Packaging" is the means of identifying and assessing an applicant's resources in order to determine, and then help meet, his/her calculated need.


Appeal Procedures

Procedures for a student to appeal submission of required documentation or present their concerns about dissatisfaction with their financial aid award, and to request a review of the award.

Submitting Documents to the GW SMHS MD Program Office of Financial Aid. Students interested in being considered for aid must hand-deliver or mail their GW Financial Aid Request Form, need-based aid application, and any tax documents to the George Washington University, Mail Services L1010, GW SMHS MD Program Office of Financial Aid- Attn: Financial Aid Coordinator, 2025 F Street NW, Washington, D.C. 20052 or fax them to 202-994-9488. Students sending documents via email are advised that this method may not be secure and that all social security numbers should be redacted from IRS documents (regardless of submission method). If we are unable to identify from whom a document has been received, the document will be destroyed. Students are advised that their GWIDs should be written prominently at the top of all documents to be submitted to our office.

Admitted and Current Students May Check the GWeb System for the Status of Submitted Documents. Please login to GWeb, select the Financial Aid Menu, then select "My Eligibility," and "Student Requirements." Be sure to select the 2022-2023 Aid Year. Note: if you are a newly admitted student, your GWeb User ID is your GWID number (set forth above) and your temporary PIN is your birthdate in the form of MM/DD/YY. For example, if your birthdate is April 15, 1988, your temporary PIN is 041588. Once you login, you will be prompted to choose your own PIN. Please be sure to choose a PIN you will remember, as you will use GWeb for many purposes during your time at GW SMHS. It may take up to 10 business days for documents to be posted to the GWeb system. Applicants who have not been admitted will not be able to review information on the GWeb system.

2023-2024 Priority Deadlines to be Considered for Need-Based Aid Scholarships. Students interested in institutional need-based aid should apply by the priority deadlines: March 1, 2023, for incoming students and May 1, 2023, for returning students. Students who have not submitted their completed applications for financial aid by these deadlines may receive lower amounts of need-based aid.

Last Day to Apply for Federal Student Loans. Students should apply for funds at least four (4) weeks prior to the end of a semester if funds are required during that time. Excepting emergency loans, the MD Program Office of Financial Aid cannot originate any federal student loans or disburse any institutional aid during a break in enrollment (e.g., vacation or leave of absence). You may request federal aid during these breaks, but the aid will be associated with a subsequent semester and the school may not originate or disburse any federal aid until the next enrollment period begins.